"Thank you for being so available and helping us get into a safe and peaceful place.  I have inexpressible amounts of appreciation to your foundation."~ Tessy 

"I couldn't sleep last night feeling overwhelmed, grateful, and blessed by all the things Michelle's Love has done for us."~ Monica 

Through volunteering and donations, Michelle's Love's Mission is to help relieve the stress of single parents undergoing cancer treatment in the Portland Tri-County and Columbia County areas.  Our organization strives to ease daily responsibilities by offering financial relief, house cleaning, and nutritious meals, allowing parents more time to heal and spend with their children.

Michelle's Love has been offered an annual Administrative and Operating Grant, this means 100% of all donations go towards the programs that help our moms.  If you have any question please feel free to call 503 459-1245 or email andy@michelleslove.org

We are forever grateful that you chose to support Michelle's Love.  See you March 18th in our home town!